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The Ulster Lodge 2972

Ulster Lodge coat of arms

Masonic Lodge Officers

Ulster Lodge coat of arms

Progressive Lodge officers

All officers wear a jewel on a collar which distinguishes their office, they are illustrated below.

Steward's Jewel

IG's Jewel

Deacons's Jewel

Wardens's Jewel

Master's Jewel

Usually the first office held by a new member. The main duties being to assist with the festive board which follows each meeting of the Lodge.

Inner Guard
The Inner Guard is responsible for ensuring that all who enter the lodge room are Freemasons and that the candidates are properly prepared.

Junior and Senior deacons.
Their duties vary slightly but their main task is to escort the candidate around the lodge room during the ceremonies of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd degrees.

Junior and Senior Wardens.
The wardens assist the Worshipful master in the running of the lodge, each has specific duties during the Lodge meeting and at the festive board.

Worshipful Master
The highest office in the Lodge, essentially acting as the Chairman for the period of his tenure. This is a privileged position, but requires a lot of work and dedication.

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