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Ulster Lodge coat of arms

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One feature of a Freemason's Lodge is the emphasis on charity and assisting those in need, indicated by the appointment of a dedicated Charity Steward and an Almoner.

Charity Steward's Jewel

Almoner's Jewel

Secretary's Jewel

Treasurer's Jewel

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Charity Steward
Responsible for organising the charitable activities of the lodge, collecting the money raised, distributing it to the selected charities and maintaining communication with them.

The almoner ensures that any member who is ill or in difficulty receives the support they require, he is also the point of contact for widows of lodge members who may require the support of the Lodge.

The secretary's tasks include, informing members of relevant information, communicating with other Lodges, taking the minutes of Lodge meetings. Basically ensuring the smooth running of the Lodge.

The treasurer manages the finances of the Lodge. Duties include recommending the level of member subscriptions, paying the various expenses of the Lodge and producing the annual accounts.

Director of Ceremonies
The Director of Ceremonies oversees the ritual that is being performed in the Lodge, managing the proceedings and ensuring that the other participants are aware of their tasks.

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The Ulster Lodge is proud to support the above charities