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Masonic Lodge Officers

Ulster Lodge coat of arms

There are two types of office in a Masonic Lodge, progressive and non-progressive. New members of the lodge are usually appointed to the office of Steward, which is a progressive position. They would then move through each of the seven progressive offices until becoming Worshipful Master. The new office holders are appointed to their positions during the annual installation meeting, which for our lodge is held in February.

There are Eleven Non-progressive officers in a Lodge, with each officer normally remaining in their role for a number of years, to provide experience in the running of the Lodge. Although they are formally re-appointed every year at the installation meeting.

The Worshipful Master is the highest office within the Lodge, chairing the affairs of the Lodge for the duration of his appointment. The Master is elected by the members of the lodge, is officially appointed during the installation meeting and usually remains in office for one year. The newly installed Master then selects and installs the other officers of the Lodge, in deciding who should be appointed to a particular office the Master is assisted by the Lodge committee. The offices of Treasurer and Tyler are the exception to this, these officers are elected by the members of the lodge.

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