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The Ulster Lodge 2972

Ulster Lodge coat of arms

History of the Ulster Lodge

Ulster Lodge coat of arms

Freemason's Hall. Though there is no record of any damage it might have caused to the assembled brethren's laundry bills.

It is no easy matter to chart the history of the Ulster Lodge over, since the first thirty-eight years of its records were lost when the building in which they were stored was destroyed during the great raid on the City of London on the tenth of May, 1941, and this account is, therefore, unavoidably incomplete. I am indebted to the excellent author of the Jubilee Pamphlet, from which most of the facts in this account were derived, and whose modesty had deprived us all of the knowledge of his name.

I cannot conclude, however, without some mention of the Red Hand, since it appears on our coat of arms twice: the Lodge's motto is: ‘Lamh dearg aboo’ which in English means: ‘The Red Hand forever.’ I believe a brief history of its origins appears in the summons, so I won't elaborate any further on that, save to add this to the discussion on whether the hand should be dexter, or right as it is, or sinistre, or left, as some doubters maintain. The following is accredited to John Vinycomb, a foremost authority in his day on Heraldic devices, and a resident of Ulster for many years:

The Red Hand of Ulster's a paradox quite.
To Baronets 'tis said to belong;
If they use the left hand, they're sure to be right,
And to use the right hand would be wrong.
For the Province, a different custom applies,
And just the reverse is the rule;
If you use the right hand, you'll be right, safe and wise,
If you use the left hand, you're a fool.


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