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The Ulster Lodge 2972

Ulster Lodge coat of arms

History of the Ulster Lodge

Ulster Lodge coat of arms

a cousin of the principal founder, W. Bro. John B. Crowe, and represented the largest assemblage of Masons ever held under the auspices of the Lodge, the Grand Lodge itself offered the following observation, in the person of the late Rt. Hon, Lord Ampthill, G.C.I.E., G.C.S.I., M.A., D.L., Pro Grand Master:

‘The name Ulster appeals to me: it is synonymous with loyalty and patriotism. I have always regarded Ulster as representing everything that was good in manhood, honour and courage. The Ulster Lodge has been the means of bringing Ulstermen in London closer to their friends in Ulster. The founders have every reason to be pleased with its success. I do not hesitate to say

‘Ulstermen have been brought up on the principles of patriotism, of charity, and of comradeship. Apply these principles to your Masonry in the future as in the past, so that the Lodge may become more and more a source of strength, a credit and an honour to the whole of English Masonry.’

It became something of a tradition for the Lodge to hold an annual ladies' festival, where brethren and their better halves would meet for a banquet and a dance, entirely divorced from normal Lodge activities. Only the intervention of the occasional World War interfered with these arrangements, and, though the practice has fallen into disrepair of late, we are hoping for a somewhat scaled down version of this occasion at some point during the coming year.

For many years, the lodge meetings were held in the Hotel Cecil, on the Strand, which was subsequently demolished to make way for Shell Mex House. Shortly after the First World War, Grand Lodge launched a ‘Million Memorial Fund’ for the purpose of erecting a national peace building, in memory of Brethren who fell in the war. A Lodge contributing a sum of ten pounds per member over a period of five years, qualified as a Hall Stone Lodge: brethren being awarded a commemoration medal and the Master a Hall Stone Jewel as

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