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The Ulster Lodge 2972

Ulster Lodge coat of arms

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Ulster Lodge coat of arms

Photo of the Lodge founders brethren reportedly rendered useful service to the Lodge, particularly in its formative years. As the Lodge grew, however, it was decided to take steps to ensure the distinctive Ulster character of the Lodge (one idea said to be in the minds of the founders was to preserve the Ulster dialect - and given the robust and thriving nature of that distinctive and lyrical brogue, this particular ambition has enjoyed outstanding success) and, with the approval of the Grand Lodge, the phrase ‘or residence’ was substituted for ‘or connection’. For some time following, membership was thus rigidly restricted to Ulstermen. In 1993, however, a codicil was added to the by-laws, allowing that members not so qualified may be admitted, ‘if of Irish connection, or in some other manner favourably disposed toward the Province’.

The motives of the founders were pithily expressed by one, now unknown W.M on his installation:

‘It was their aim to make this Lodge a credit to English Masonry, and likewise a credit to our native province. For they never forgot that they were Ulstermen, and nor do we. They taught us by precept and example to carry the uplifting principles of our Order into all phases of our daily life, so that those who come into contact with us would be able to say: “We know these Ulstermen. We have communicated with them Masonically. They are good and worthy Masons. We have met them in every day affairs. They are upright and honourable citizens. They are worthy of our respect.” These are the ideals we strive to fulfil.’

And how far were those ideals realised? At the Lodge's twenty-fifth anniversary, its semi-jubilee celebration, which was, incidentally, conducted under the mastership of W. Bro. Henry Lowry Spratt,

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